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CEGA LawAt CEGA Criminal Law, we offer a full-service criminal defense for clients throughout Las Vegas and surrounding cities.

After you are arrested for a crime or when you are the suspect in a criminal investigation, hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer immediately can make a difference in the outcome.

We handle misdemeanor and felony charges in the state and federal court systems; we also can assist you with your criminal case appeals, probation or parole violations, and other criminal law matters.

It is imperative you hire a defense attorney in Las Vegas that is professional, experienced, and aggressive. Cega Criminal Law is proactive, and we approach every case looking for a strategic advantage. From the moment you retain our law services, we start the process.

Why Hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal cases are devastating and often unfair for the defendant. With more criminal laws in Las Vegas passed each year, the penalties only seem to get harsher. If you have a criminal conviction on your record, it will stay there for years. That means you could be unable to get a job, receiving housing, or even qualify for government aid. Certain crimes can take away your driver’s license, take away your right to own a gun, and even affect your career options.

An experienced attorney that specializes in criminal law in Las Vegas can:

  • Help get the charges dismissed or reduced.
  • Work a plea bargain in your favor.
  • Investigate and look for evidence that clears your name.
  • Ensure your civil rights were not violated.

Types of Criminal Law in Las Vegas We Handle

Cega Criminal Law is a full-service criminal defense law firm. Just some of the criminal cases a Cega Criminal Law Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you with include:

To see if we can assist you with your criminal case, contact a defense attorney in Las Vegas at Cega Criminal Law by calling (702) 358-1138.

The Power of an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Las Vegas

At Cega Criminal Law, we have spent thousands of hours in criminal courts throughout Nevada. When you hire a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas, you unlock the power of years of experience and knowledge about how the criminal judicial system works.

Most importantly, our law firm goes to work long before charges are even formally made against you. We know that the faster you receive legal assistance, the better the outcome. So, we waste no time in defending your case regardless if it is an official charge or just a criminal investigation.

Just some of the services Cega Criminal Law provides for your defense include:

  • Providing you with an attorney during police interrogations and other criminal investigations.
  • Helping you during the critical pre-trial phases of your case.
  • Negotiation plea bargains with the prosecutor to obtain a reduced sentence or have the case dismissed.
  • Actively defend you during your court trial.
  • Research the facts and laws of your case, hire investigators when necessary, and gather evidence to mount a strong defense.
  • Raising defenses that may be advantageous for you, such as the defense of property, self-defense, and other acceptable defenses.
  • Interviewing witnesses, finding valuable testimony, and assisting you during your trial testimony.
  • Filing for retrial or appeal.
  • Representing you in the event of an alleged parole or probation violation.
  • Helping you receive a favorable sentence during the sentencing hearing.

At Cega Criminal Law, we are your defense attorney in Las Vegas for life. We will continue to work with you well after trial, and we are here when you need counsel, have a question or need assistance with another matter. We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients, and we want our clients to have an advocate in their corner when they need it the most.

Hire a Defense Attorney Las Vegas Today

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime or is the suspect in a criminal investigation, now is the time to act.

Speak with a criminal lawyer in Las Vegas at Cega Criminal Law. Our attorneys are available to protect your rights and avoid self-incrimination during interrogations and assist you if the prosecution moves forward with a case.
To avoid the life-long consequences of a criminal record, contact a defense attorney in Las Vegas dedicated to his clients by working with Cega Criminal Law’s Carl E.G. Arnold. Attorney Arnold was voted Top 10 Criminal Defense Trial Attorney in Las Vegas (2016), and he is a highly-recommended, experienced criminal litigator.

Avoid the permanent consequences of a conviction, contact a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer at Cega Criminal Law now by calling 702-358-1138 or contact us online.

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Getting criminal charges reduced is what Attorney Carl E.G Arnold specializes in. We have built our reputation and earned our recognition and awards placing us among the Top 10 criminal defense attorney in Nevada by representing common people facing uncommon, difficult circumstances.

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